Animal Serum-FREE Complete Endothelial Cell Culture Medium

The VecStem Endothelial Cell Culture Media from Creative Scientist, Inc. is specially formulated and optimized for robust endothelial cell growth. The complete VecStem media contains 2% human serum, recombinant growth factors, and vitamins. 

About US

Creative Scientist Inc. is an investigative cell biology company located in Research Triangle Park, NC. We produce progenitor cells, which are naturally proliferative unmodified primary cells and make growth media specifically optimized for primary cell culture. We offer unprecedented support for our products – up until a milestone defined by a customer. We conduct in-house and collaborative studies using the same cells and media. Let us share with you our expertise in progenitor cells culture and application development!

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Creative Scientist cells are available for in vitro research purposes only and may not be transferred out of the direct control of the recipient Institution/Agency/Organization. Creative Scientist cells may not be genetically altered in any way without prior written permission from Creative Scientist. Use of Creative Scientist materials (evidenced by placement of any order for product) constitutes knowledge, understanding and binding acceptance of these restrictions on behalf of the recipient Institution/Agency/Organization. 

Creative Scientist was created to further the knowledge of eukaryotic cell biology through laboratory research, publications and teaching. Creative Scientist provides cells and cell culture products to other research entities - public and private.